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Chris Speaks!
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Ask me anything - Good, Bad, or Ugly

From: Dillan West (21) Date: Thu Sep 5 12:56:26 MDT 2002
Ashley was telling me about your website. I am in a band that just started a few months ago. We pretty much just play in our garage right now. How did you get started in music and how did you get "discovered" to make a CD? Also do you have any words of wisdom for us being a musical icon to us now? Thanks and best of luck with your music!

GREAT QUESTION! - I had taken my first lesson  when i was in 3rd grade. I was way to young to start but i knew the drive was there. My aunt Ola won tickets on a local radio station to see Steve Wariner when i was 12. My Mom, Brad, Heather and Angie went to the show. Ola could not attend because of health problems due to the heat. I was so into the 80's bands like Bon Jovi, Whitesnake , and Poison. I was amzed at the musicianship of this guy. I didnt even think i knew one song except for a song called "The Weekend". I saw that show and it changed my life forever! Steve Wariner and Garth Brooks are the reason im playing music today! They showed me how things are done right!
#2 - We are living in new age! There are no need for record companys anymore! Chase the sounds in your head! Make a record you would buy and be proud of it - wear it like a badge of who you are!
#3 - Im just me! I love the feeling of hearing my song being sang back to me! I love looking to my left and seeing my brother on stage next to me. That is probably one of my favorite things on this planet - seeing my brother rocking with me.

From: Kindsey Date: Thu Sep 5 12:52:41 MDT 2002
Hey I am from SCC and I was checkin out the webpage. How did you guys alll meet and start playing music together? And for Chris...when did you realize you wanted to play music?

I love these Questions- The reason i wanted to pick up a guitar and do it for a living was the movie "Crossroads " - not the Britney Movie! I saw that and I told My Pappa that - this is what i wanna do! He  said ill give you 24 hours if you still feel like this we will do what we can to make it happen! The next day he went and bought me my first guitar and amp.
The first song i ever learned was " House of the Rising Sun" - I finally got it down to the note. I set up my amp in his bedroom and waited for his return ... He died that night! So if you ever come to a live show i do a little thing before i start and when i end just to let him know if hes watching that im thinking bout him.
As for how we met!  Brad is my younger brother! He is a great Drummer, Bassist, Vocalist, and Songwriter. Love ya Brother!

From: Samantha Date: Wed Sep 4 12:57:52 MDT 2002
I got wind of this "Ask the guys a question" and I had to check it out! This is a question for all the guys. Actually it is going to be about 3 questions, ok :-) boyfriend changed pretty much overnight for no reason and then tried to use reverse psychology to make me think it was me when it was him. Why do guys want to break a girls heart? why do guys want to make a girl think it is her fault when he knows he can emotionally handle more then her and why do guys start relationships with no intentions of following through. I would like to have an opinion from ALL the guys on these! Thanks and maybe I can come to a show t olisten to the tunes!

This one is easy! Be you! Go Be Young!  If he dont like it - then your heart hasnt found a home. If you want something to last Forever - It may take Forever!

Asked by: mystic120
How do you compare the drive and hunger to write and record now as to  when you were working on "The Storm"? Now that you are successful is it harder to write?

Its not at all hard for me to write! Alot of the stuff that was on The Storm was stuff i didnt want anyone to know. When you listen to Indian Summer - that is totaly a thought from my past just like Kansas about a former girlfriend P****.
Thats a side of me i dont want anyone to know about - but to be a great writer you have to talk about yourself!
I also believe if your not living life - you cant write about it! Writing is easy -living is the hard part!

From: Leisha
                                                                                                 Date: Sat Sep 7 02:04:38 MDT 2002
 If you had your 15 minutes of fame, and like that, it was all taken away, what would you want people to remember about you (or your music)

If were gone - I would want someone to hop in their car and take good road trip on a summer day and have me coming through the radio. But what i want them to say is - "He lived with Passion"
I can still take a road trip with Stevie Ray Vaughn any day i want. He may be dead but i live with him everyday. Thats what music is here for. I can remember as a child my mom telling me that Elvis had died - My reply was "no he didnt i just saw him on TV". Its amazing how the eyes of a child - knows so many answers!  

From: Leisha
                                                                                                 Date: Sat Sep 7 01:59:56 MDT 2002
 If you could have dinner with any three people in the world...who would it be any why? Alive, dead, or fictious.

ALIVE - Paul Stanley from KISS - The best front man to ever hit the stage. James Taylor - The most soulful singer ever! He makes a Microphone to Happy. Steve Vai - Probably the single most reason I picked up a guitar.
DEAD - J.F.K - What an amazing man!    Elvis - just to say thank you!   and last Dave Thomas from the Wendys commercial just so brad could finally meet him. Let me explain that one (haha) - Brad has always wanted to walk into Wendys and see Dave eating a burger - (Go Figure)
Fictitious- Peter Pan, Superman, and The kids from South Park!

From Jason77
Ive seen your Band show and the Acoustic show.  Is the only reason you play alone, is so you can have more of the spotlight. I mean, come on! Does it not feel so much better with the  band behind you! I mean I bought the storm and i loved it. I also think that you should get off this power trip and get your songs out there with a band.  

Well i said - The good, bad and the ugly! So here goes Jason!  All of the musicians i have played with in my life are so close to me. As for the spotlight  thing you can put me singing behind the drums! Yes, I do love the stage and i want to be on one every second of everyday - I dont think i would be a good performer if i didnt ( do You). There is actually being something done as we speak about my songs getting out there with a band. The new band is gearing up to start recording in March.
Jason - You can also take the acoustic show as me wanting the spotlight - but what you dont realize is -
They asked Dale Earnhart if it bothered him that people boo him - He said " I dont care if they are Cheering for me, or against me - as long as they know im here"
 Jason, guess what? IM HERE!
but thanks for your honesty - write back!

Asked By: warlock1016
It's a well-known fact that life on the road can be exhausting, and that things can get crazy from time to time. (I hope to find out myself in the very near future with my own band.) How do you deal with the madness?

Good Question - whats the name of your band and Where are you playing? I have a realy hard time with finding something to do after a show. I hate the fact - like when i played in Atlanta - that i said "Thank you, Good Night" and in a matter of seconds i was in a cab going to the hotel. Im just not good with dealing with silence. any suggestion? thanks for the question write back!

Asked by: dreamer4110
I could never be a musician. I watch Behind the Music all the time. Is it true about the girls and lead singers?

Buy a Guitar!

asked by: midnight7
Most people in their daily lives think about quitting their jobs everyday. Would you ever think bout hanging up the mic?


What is your favorite guitar?

The guitar i use most is an Ovation Viper 2001. I also own a Steve Vai Ibanez 777 and a Paul Stanley proto type Iceman.

asked by: jimmyjam
If you were on a deserted island what 3 records would you want with you?

Richie Sambora - Stranger in this town
James Taylor - Geatest Hits
Kiss - ALIVE 3

Asked By: brettbkist
I realize that you are a very busy person and probably do not have a lot free time to watch television, but what kind of programs do you like to watch? Nature, documentaries, PBS? Are there any prime time shows that are your favorite?

Carnivale - HBO

Law and Order - I love Jill Hennessy
Behind the Music
Autopsy on HBO
Unsolved Mysteries
and that show on A&E about Las Vegas Casino - I've seen it a thousand times.

Asked by: kingofsin
You dont know me, but i stumbled onto you web page and thought i would e-mail you. I saw that you were a kiss fan, so what do you think about musicians that are in tribute bands? I go and see them and I love it at the time but on the way home i always think how sad.

GREAT QUESTION! I seem to have an opinon bout everything but im half and half on this one. I think its great to love a band that much that you wanna play their stuff. but do i wanna do it all the time -NO.
Also alot of these bands do this just to make money so they can put out their own stuff. So whatever you gotta do to get your stuff out there - Do IT! I have opened for struuter in cookeville - great band and make alot of money doing it so i say - get all you can - you cant have enough.

Asked by: Karri
So are you dating anyone or does music play to large of a roll in your life to find the time?

Its really hard! Im not sure i could date someone who does what I do. but i do have my eye on someone and im not even sure that she knows. Maybe its you! Im still coming up with excuses to be in her town just so she knows the distance, woudnt be a problem! Ask Me again in a week - I hope i have a different answer!

From: Ashley Date: Sun Sep 8 11:58:36 MDT 2002
Leisha has some good questions lol!
What is the one thing you believe to be your biggest accomplishment and what would you like to accomplish either through music or life in general!

The thing that music has given me is friends! Just about everyone i know in my life - I have met one way or another through music. I am also very proud of my first record "The Storm" - It says just about everything i wanted to say at that time in my life. I consider "The Storm" to be the soundtrack to my life.
As for stuff I want to do in the futre! For sure I want to write a book. Not sure what kind. I want my next album to be more personal than the last. When i write about a certain person im just gonna use their names - and not hold back!