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Chris' Diary
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After the shows I will talk about what went on and who I met. So if you come to the show you may just see your picture or name here.


July 15, 2005 WOW its been awhile since i have talked , but im BACK - Wen and Saw Duran Duran last night AMAZING!

July 25 2004

Sorry it has been so long! Im really enjoying the summer! Brad and I have a new member SPOOTY! The new record has been written just a matter of time before the new record is out! Oh yeah, i have a new favorite band Silvertide! check them out at


April 21, 2003

Jimmy Buffett Rocks!

March 3, 2003

Very sad day! At the age of 92 my Papa's life came to an end. His name was Paris Copeland and I will always remember these 3 things about him. His love of Religion, Wrestling and Bluegrass Music! (smile) Guess I'll have to sing a little louder now.

Dec. 27, 2002

     Well Pat Pat is Back! We are all so proud of him!

September 3, 2002

Having an amazing time playing with the rock group "Red Terrier". Finally i get to play in a band with one of my favorite ppl WORM! You got to come to the show just to look at the most amazing drum kits i have ever seen! Im going to the Bone Pony/ Gov't Mule show on wed. in Nashville - I love both of these bands. Im also starting a new page to the web site Called " 20 Questions" so e-mail me or put it on the message board - Iplan on answering them all! So drop me a line - send your coments, thank you's or even send me the bad stuff - I will answer them all - but dont ask me unless you want the truth! SO ROCK HARD BABY ALNIGHT!

June 10, 2002

I had one of the most amazing weekends in Skull Bone, TN. Thank you to our friends in Jackyl for being so kind. You may not think you are rock stars or act like it - but you are what rock music and humans should be.

If you get the chance to see the Rock Never Stops tour - you are in for a treat. Thank God Boy Bands are over! Lets hear a man Band!

June 7, 2002

Had a great time In McCreary, KY. Im also looking forward to the big shows at Sassafrass in Crossville, TN. Got a big weekend - im playing with the rock group Flashback. See ya on the road!

May 20, 2002
Im Really excited about the new band (Fultons Pointe). We are gearing up to do some great shows this summer. Mainly this summer i plan on having fun!
May 2, 2002
Ive been having the time of my life! Ive been thinking alot about High School since the 10 year reunion is coming up! Im playing that day so i dont think im gonna be able to make it. But I will be thinking of all of you - and you all will be in my heart forever!
April 16, 2002
I want to thank you all so much for giving so much money for ratts funeral. I am truely amazed! I love you all - I will have pictures up sometime tomorrow from the show. THANK YOU - we raised almost 3 thousand dollars! We are also buying him a foot stone - THANK YOU!
April 13, 2002
Pat Pat and i are sitting here getting ready for the show. We are trying to walk off the buzz!
March 7, 2002
I guess you never know when your leaving! I have been taught that a few weeks ago. I have been fighting back tears all day today over the loss of a good friend. Ray I miss you!
April 6, 2002
Im really excited bout the new record. Three more days - hope you like it!

Chris was born April 9, 1974 in Crossville, Tennessee. His brother soon followed in September 13, 1976. The two brothers have recorded, lived, and played live shows since 1990.
Brad Rains is one of the driving forces behind Chris' music. He plays Drums,Bass,percussion,background vocals, and songwritter. Love ya Brother

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I would like to thank alot of people for there friendship and support of my music. Its not possible to thank everyone but here we go. To my mom and dad - Thank you for teaching me the hardest mile will always be the one just before you cross the finish line.
To Brad - You are something that everyone should be - I Love You
To Grinny - You are The giving heart that knows no end and I Love you
To Garth Brooks and Steve Wariner - Thanks for showing me how things are done right.
Special thanks to Christy Smith,Dayna Smith,Donkey Mule, Pat Pat, Kevin Hawkins, Ben Rogers, Blake Mayo, Vic Hill, Johnny McCoin, Glen Rexroat, Paul Conaster, Chip Buck, Matt Buck, Missy Sidwell,  Bob Sotis, Ronnie Reels, Shannon Smith,  Bill Hall,Butch-Faye, Jill, Archie and Ashley at the Roost,Jennifer Smithson,Tall Paul, Velcro Pymies,Tony Stover, Sam Brown, Jimi Dee Taylor,Chris and  Bobbie Jo Malone,  Lori Neely, Sarah Rich, Lori York, Katie Weakley, Chris Garrett, Ray "RATT" Disman, Scott Winningham, Mike Broyles, Bo Broyles,  Jamie Beaty, and Paige Simmons - THANKS FOR THE MILES

To Keith Rains - I Love You - No Matter Where I Am, Your There!


Chris' Pick

Christy Smith - I am so Proud of you! Congrats on your wedding! You are the definition of a true Friend and i will always love you for that!
Jamie and Tonya Beaty!
Finally - You guys are having a Child!
HINT - I would make a great Godfather!
I love you guys with all my heart - just wish that I could see you guys more!

Also I will perform on Singer and Songwritter Scheduled to air in May on TNN.

Special congatulations to Tessa Tenpenny on her wedding this summer. Love ya

Special thanks to Brenda Spivey for her dedication to me and my music. Also a big shout out to Daniel (Superman) and Samantha Maxwell. Love Ya!!!